our startup-inspired approach

we know that every challenge is different

Our fresh, 3-step approach for solving tough innovation and growth strategy challenges combines new school methods like Lean Startup, Google Venture’s Sprint Process and Value Proposition Design with tried and true practices like Design Thinking and Jobs to Be Done.

For each challenge, we custom-build an approach that follows the arc of our proven 3-step framework:

Define the opportunity we’re solving for;
Explore the possibilities;
Build, Test, and Learn until we get to the right product, marketing idea or solution.

Your challenge is unique, and our approaches adapt and apply well across every nuance.

3-Step Framework

How is The Garage Group different?

Within our 3-step approach, we constantly employ the following tried-and-true principles used by successful startups to help brands push further into breakthrough ideas and strategy.


For both ideation and strategy challenges, our approach guides teams to work smarter and faster than they ever thought possible. Teams go from zero to hundreds of ideas (and a large handful of viable initiatives) in a fraction of the time of traditional approaches.


Multiple rounds of feedback and iteration loops are crucial for helping teams wrap their minds around complex challenges and to make the changes needed for success.


Through cross-category trends and analogs, real-time consumer feedback and expert input, we give brand teams multiple lenses to help them examine their challenges in a different light.


From the initial research phases to in-session consumer feedback and prediction market screenings, consumers offer real, actionable insights into innovation.


Drawing from a wide depth and breadth of experience, our expert team gives valuable perspective and insight into how to tackle tough innovation and growth challenges like a true entrepreneur.