Join Our Team: Associate Talent Director

Associate Talent Director

We’re looking for an approachable, pragmatic, relational, results-focused, experienced and entrepreneurial Associate Talent Director to find and recruit top talent for The Garage Group. You connect with people easily and with a passion for diversity and inclusion, recognize talent when you see it; define problems well; and then proactively set out to solve them in uber-smart ways. Jumping into a new space, a new approach or a new constraint gives you energy. If there’s not an existing path, you create one. And, you easily and readily access a bank of experience and knowledge built from curiosity, adventure, hard work and as many failures as successes. This full-time gig is based in Cincinnati.

What you’ll do:

How we’ll know if it’s working out:

Things we’re looking for:

If you’re interested in this role, shoot us a note telling us why and how you’d be a great fit to Additionally, please send us a 2-minute or less video (taken with your phone is fine–doesn’t need to be fancy!) telling us what you think it means to be entrepreneurial. BONUS: At the end of the video, tell us your favorite karaoke song and give us a ten-second clip of you singing your favorite part of the song. (Yes, we’re serious.)