Molly Baldwin Promoted to Associate Innovation & Growth Strategist

December 15th, 2017

Ever since Molly joined us a year ago she’s been an absolute rockstar. And we’re excited to announce her promotion to Associate Innovation & Growth Strategist to continue bringing entrepreneurial approaches to a variety innovation challenges across industries. So we recently sat down with Molly Baldwin (formerly Adams, she got married—what a big year!) to get her take on what’s been happening.

What would you say is the biggest thing you have learned since coming to TGG?
The biggest thing I’ve learned is the empowerment from having a growth mindset and knowing that it’s okay to fail. When I came to The Garage Group, I was initially weary of trying new things and always afraid of failing or not being perfect. But I’ve learned that learning from your mistakes is how you grow. And to continue to grow, you have to put yourself in situations that you aren’t always comfortable with (i.e. moderating or presenting in front of large groups). I’ve been able to transfer these thinkings to my own personal life and have noticed a huge change in my ability to be flexible and try new things.

What do you think Bigco teams should be paying more attention to?
I say this so frequently; the most important thing teams from Bigcos should be paying attention to today is the consumer. I came from an advertising background where we were so often in our own bubble creating things that we thought worked within a specific design. What I’ve realized is that if the consumer you are selling to doesn’t care about what you are selling or how you are talking to them, you won’t find success. It’s easy to constantly gut check things with consumers (i.e. scrappy research methods, in-the-wild testing, etc.) and I don’t think big companies use those methods enough.

Tell us your favorite thing about working at TGG.
Every day I walk into a group of people that I know wholeheartedly support me and want me to be the best I possibly can be. Whether that’s pushing me outside of my comfort zone (because they absolutely know I can do it), or teaching me something new that I can potentially use with other clients, I am always learning and supported by these amazing people around me.

What are some of your most memorable experiences you’ve had as part of the team?
One of my most memorable experiences was working with a F200 brand team during a Design Sprint. I am always amazed by how quickly we are able to get things done at The Garage Group, however, watching the client team do both a brand architecture exercise and prioritize their 2019 launch within two weeks amazed me. Not only did the team demonstrate a huge amount of hustle, resilience, and focus, they also were wildly confident and poised during leadership interviews. I think a lot of that has to do with how confident they became in the process we were taking them through (Design Sprint), but I was also just so proud of how their viewpoint went from skepticism about the process to extreme ownership in just two weeks. Another experience that I’ll never forget was when we won the Inc 500 award. It was such a great reminder of the valuable work we are doing and why we are doing it. I am so proud of this team.

What are you most excited about as you head into 2018?
The ability to learn more. I think there’s still so much for me to learn and we are living in such an ever-changing world, with access to new information every day. I am excited for the opportunity to dig into new approaches and methodologies and see how they might apply to challenges with our clients.


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