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April 20th, 2018

Over the past few years, we’ve watched as startup natural product brands have increasingly disrupting established food, beverage, beauty, and beverage Bigcos. And we’ve seen many these startup natural product brands first hand through our trend scouting missions at Natural Products Expo West. As a result, we’ve defined emerging trends that are rapidly causing shifts in historically established categories. 

What natural product trends are shaping the food and beverage industry? Do any of these trends have consumer traction? What brands are disrupting industries and what insights should you pull from them? What natural product breakthrough innovations have been released in the last year?

Hear from Director of Lean Research, Renee Murphy and Associate Innovation & Growth Strategist, Molly Baldwin, as they discuss trends, insights, and breakthrough innovations in the natural products industry. They’ll be discussing some of the top trends and insights recently released in our 2018 Natural Products Expo Trends & Insights report and answering questions from the audience. They’ll also be reviewing breakthrough innovations that have disrupted the food, beverage, pet, and beauty industries.  

Registration is required. You have two opportunities to jump in. Register using the links below:

  1. Thursday, May 3rd 2pm EST
  2. Monday, May 21st, 3pm EST

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