Amber Hallmann: Jumping In to Hustle, Grow, and Make an Impact

You might remember Amber Hallmann; she interned with The Garage Group before she careened into her final years at Miami University. When she left TGG that summer, she didn’t just take away new knowledge, new friends, and a newfound respect for coffee. She also took away the beginnings of now what she’s defined to be her personal brand/ mantra. We’re so happy that Amber has “jumped in” here at The Garage Group full-time as an Associate Strategist, Lean Growth in Chicago. Learn more about her personal mantra and how it aligns with TGG values.

Jump In. It is something said often, but the message is aspirational to me as a young professional. Every morning and evening for 16 years I jumped into a freezing cold pool for swim practice. As I got older and entered the professional world I was no longer jumping into pools, rather, experiences. Being in new places, with new people sparked my curiosity, inspiring me to do everything I could to learn and gain experience–such as interning at The Garage Group.

As I jump back into TGG full-time, I realize more and more how much my values parallel with those of The Garage Group, especially when it comes to hustle, growth, and impact.

Hustle: Once you jump in, you’re all in. As a company, we jump into projects with the goal of creating truly disruptive innovations, and we will not settle until we have something valuable. We commit to our clients, and no matter the constraints or timing, we ensure great outcomes. When I started as an intern there were only seven people on staff, so everything stemmed from collaboration and hustle. This environment allowed me to jump into multiple roles, projects, and opportunities for learning and growth. Since my internship we have tripled the size of our team. Yet, this approach has not changed, which made me even more eager to jump back in.

Growth: With iteration comes development. As TGG grows, we evolve our process to better fit the needs of our clients. Having a growth mindset and being adaptable to the process is essential and an important attribute at TGG. As I looked to develop my learnings in school I became very involved in creativity and innovation. Leading Igoodea Creatives allowed me to share creative thinking methods, but also taught me how to adapt the process based on the need. From an organizational and process standpoint, adapting was critical to create new value.

Impact: Every jump comes with a splash, an impact. The Garage Group and my fellow coworkers strive to make an impact on our clients, on the development of each other, and TGG overall. Often times, impact is seen as having a widespread effect, and although a large positive impact is great, I believe these larger impacts stem from smaller interactions. Through my experience interning at TGG, studying at Miami, and now entering Chicago as a young professional, many people have impacted me and shaped my growth. I am so thankful for the professors who pushed me, the friends who supported collaboration, and my parents who helped shape my values. Through these impactful relationships I have been inspired to mentor and collaborate with others in everything that I do.

Rooted in both my brand and TGG’s is the innate need to do valuable work and impact those around you. It is so rare to find a team that genuinely cares about the outcome of their work and the impact they are making professionally and personally. TGG’s values directly align with who I am and the brand values that I carry with me.

Interning at TGG and having the opportunity to surround myself with people of all ages and experiences with an innate desire to create change was a unique experience that only made me crave it more. As I “Jump In” to the launch of TGG’s Chicago office, I am excited about the splashes we will make together, and I cannot wait to see the impact we’ll continue to have on our clients.

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