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Our 5 to 10-Week Lean Innovation Bootcamp, Hustle Handbook Primer, Jobs to be Done Bootcamp, and Lean Innovation Coaching take BigCo leaders from their day jobs and exposes them to a battle-tested approach to develop break-through value propositions. We leverage our Lean Growth Playbook that pragmatically integrates principles from tried and true approaches with newer startup-inspired approaches.

“The Garage Group was very effective in tailoring their materials to our needs. Our goal was to develop skills in 1 day that would allow the team to be in action without requiring continued consulting support. That was accomplished and much more. We’ve seen a paradigm shift leading to a new language centered on the customer.” – SVP Planning & Allocation, F500 Retail Brand

Case Story

Define the Opportunity

The way forward for solving complex, uncertain strategic growth challenges isn’t always clear. Pursuing multiple directions at the same time can help leaders see benefits and tradeoffs of fully-fleshed out, new paths forward. To build context for and to identify potential paths forward, we help teams assess the landscape by quickly maximizing existing knowledge and data assets, efficiently identifying and filling learning gaps, identifying consumer Jobs to be Done, and understanding marketplace trends.

Explore the Possibilities

Once aligned on potential paths forward, targeted, external cases allow leaders to see beyond the past and to have a re-imagined vision for what’s possible in their category. They're also backed by an entirely new toolkit of inspiration and business models to pull from when creating new solutions.

Build, Test, & Learn Our Way to the Solution

When exploring new areas, startups think holistically about the challenges they’re solving for and leverage fast development, learning, and iteration cycles to make significant progress. We leverage rapid-fire lean concept development and prediction markets to enable fast, iterative learning to help teams feel confident in their strategic direction.

Case Story

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