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Chandler Meador, TGG’s New Marketing Coordinator, On Practicing Curiosity in Uncertain Times

We are thrilled to welcome Chandler Meador to the TGG team as our Marketing Coordinator. Chandler is in charge of our daily content marketing strategy and implementation. She graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in Marketing, and has previously worked in the local Cincinnati agency and startup world, developing expertise in client engagement and account-based marketing strategy. We sat down to ask her a few questions and get to know her a little bit better.

Meet Chandler Meador


Welcome to the TGG team! Tell us a bit about yourself. 

I am a recent Marketing and Economics graduate from the University of Cincinnati. While at UC, I was in a co-op program that allowed me to get a broad range of experience in the local startup and agency environments. I learned that I love working on small, agile teams where I feel like there’s a lot of ownership and creativity poured into the work I get to do. Most importantly, I love this city and am proud to call it home! 


What drew you to working with TGG? 

Beyond the fact that this role seemed to have a lot of opportunity to grow and challenge me as a marketer, I was fascinated by the work TGG does for its clients. TGG marries two seemingly separate parts of the business world (startups and BigCos) together and I was curious about how they navigated this unique space. I was also drawn to the fact that at the center of the work we do, there is an emphasis on courage and vulnerability as essential approaches to solving challenges for our clients. 


What are you most looking forward to in your new role? 

I look forward to being a sponge, and learning as much as possible about the industries we operate in and the clients we serve! One of my favorite aspects of marketing is that you own the responsibility of continuing to find creative avenues to tell your audience about who you are and what unique value you add as a team to your clients. This is rapidly changing, especially in the ever-evolving digital space, which means there’s a ton of opportunity to keep learning.  


How do you best face uncertain challenges in your life?

With curiosity. This last year, I joined the ranks of newly graduated and unemployed individuals, and it wasn’t until a year after actively searching for a role that I landed upon this stellar opportunity with TGG. The journey to getting here, however, was a lot of trial and error, and for a while it was because it wasn’t clear to me what I wanted to be doing. I was operating from a fairly narrow and fear-based place. So much of that fear came from external pressure about what other people thought or where I thought I was supposed to be in my career at this time in comparison to my peers.

As time went on, I found the permission to shift my perspective to one of curiosity, asking “What if?” and “What would this look like?” towards the job search process rather than saying “It has to be this one way or else!” It was putting on this perspective that brought clarity into what I was looking for and expanded my vision for a first job out of college. A curious mind is a resilient mind prepared to navigate uncharted territory. I’m looking forward to applying this perspective to my role, and throughout my career!


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