Our Culture

Work for The Garage Group

We’re on a mission to enable corporate teams to innovate and grow like startups with a team of trail-blazing, super smart, and fun-to-be-around people.


Entrepreneurial to the core, we aspire to cultivate grit, constantly experiment, take risks and fail forward. We consider every single team member to be a pioneer, granting other teams and each other the permission to forge ahead into a more innovative future.

We Are HUSTLERS (The Good Kind).

Persistent and resilient, we work as hard as possible to get to right-sized solutions for our clients. We take ownership over every challenge we take on and see our projects through 100% until we reach the desired outcome.


No problem is too big or too small. We push ourselves to see things differently; to adapt; to use associative thinking. We are a highly visual group and instinctively seek out non-traditional ways to solve problems.


At the heart of everything we do, we truly care about the very real challenges our clients face. We promise, both to others and to ourselves, to tell the truth; to strive for empathy; to always act with humility and grace. And, we also like to have fun, and we want our clients to have fun with us, too.


We might play hard, but we also work hard and get things done. We are always honing our skills, learning new techniques and staying up on the cutting edge of innovation in every relevant vertical. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, and we hold ourselves to a high standard of breakthrough results.


Community is incredibly important to us; it is the backbone of our business. We believe in helping each other, lifting each other up and celebrating the accomplishments of others. We believe in welcoming our life experiences and passions into our work to cultivate rich layers of external perspective among our staff. And, we jump at any opportunity to share knowledge and learn from other thought leaders in the innovation space.

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