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TGG’s New Strategist, Krystal Jochims, On Turning Curiosity Into a Career

We recently welcomed Krystal Jochims to the team as a Strategist, Lean Growth. We asked her a few questions to get to know her. Read more below: 


Welcome to the TGG team! Tell us a bit about yourself. 

From an early age, I was always eager to learn, understand, and discover– even earning myself the nickname “Curious Krystal” from my mother.  I was curious about everything and could often be found doing what my mother called “science experiments,” though they weren’t always scientific in nature.  


As I grew older, I turned that sense of curiosity into a career in Research & Development at General Mills as a food product developer, where I had the opportunity to develop products for amazing brands such as Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, and Old El Paso. I loved the blend of creativity and science in my R&D roles, but always found myself wanting to dig deeper into the business and consumer problems, rather than being focused on the solutions. Eventually, I had the opportunity to work on a project where we did a deep dive into a consumer problem, then iterated on solutions. I truly “fell in love” with that consumer problem and found myself obsessing over it even on nights and weekends. I knew I had finally found my true calling and decided to move into a Consumer Insights role at General Mills after spending 5 years in R&D. During my time in Consumer Insights, I was able to lead teams through some fascinating research and be part of bringing a number of consumer-first solutions to the market as well as long term brand strategies.


On the personal side, I grew up in rural South Dakota (though the rural descriptor probably isn’t necessary).  While the area was wonderful for many things, diversity was not one of them. Rather than accept that as my world, I became passionate about understanding other cultures and a love affair with travel was born. Though COVID has slowed us down for a while, my fiance and I are eager to get back to our globe trotting soon. We were supposed to get married in Italy last May, so for our next big trip we’re hoping to finally make that happen!


What is your role, and responsibilities within that role?

I am a Strategist, so my role is to support teams by being the voice of the consumer throughout the process.  In addition to this, I am responsible for both the qualitative and quantitative research that goes into each project and serve as a partner for the client team.  


What drew you to working with TGG? 

I had the opportunity to work with TGG on a project prior to joining the company and loved their approach, as well as the team – they were super sharp, kind, and fun.  Aside from this, learning, understanding, and solving through collaboration and in an agile manner are all passion points for me. Being able to do all of these with incredible brands in a variety of industries, alongside a fantastic team, is truly a dream job for me.  


How do you best face uncertain challenges in your life?

I always start by breaking problems down to understand the essence of what’s going on. From there, it’s generally quite easy to research solutions, whether it be through Google, colleagues, or consumer research.


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