Our List of Top Innovation Conferences

BigCo leaders are under tremendous pressure to keep their organizations relevant and growing in the face of increasing uncertainty. And as battle-tested leaders courageously trailblaze the way forward, it is more critical than ever for them to learn from and connect with other battle-tested leaders. We’ve created Courageous Minds Only communities in cities like Cincinnati, NYC, Chicago, and more as one way to enable that, but also highly recommend attending conferences, especially if you have a desire to dig into specific topics, tools, mindsets, and methodologies. We’ve shared a list (in no particular order) below based on our own experiences and external recommendations, but please share your thoughts with us. What conferences have you received the most value from?

Big conferences aren’t the only way to learn from others and explore more in this space. As we’ve gotten involved in the Chicago ecosystem and stayed involved in Cincinnati, we’ve found our local tribes at places like 1871 and Union Hall.

Share your thoughts with us. What other conferences should be on this list?

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