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Basic: Includes TGG’s 5 Learning Modules



Introducing The Garage Group’s first virtual learning experience, TGG’s Entrepreneurial Learning Program – hundreds of consulting projects distilled in a 5-hour crash course on learning like an entrepreneur. We have curated a curriculum for immediate implementation, designed for anyone operating within time, money, or capacity constraints. 

Over 5 modules, TGG’s Cofounder, Ann Thompson, will train you and your teams to…

  • Adopt the mindsets and behaviors that enable teams to hustle and learn like entrepreneurs
  • Define Jobs to be Done or Opportunity Areas rooted in consumer empathy to guide future innovation & strategy
  • Build iterative learning loops to keep the consumer voice front and center as you solve any business challenge


TGG’s Entrepreneurial Learning Program is designed for courageous leaders in any function or size of business who are interested in operating faster, smarter, and consumer-first, but who may not know where to start. 

We’ve taken our years of experience and deep understanding of consumer-first approaches to problem-solving to create The Garage Group’s first virtual learning experience to equip you and your team to learn like an entrepreneur. 

TGG’s Entrepreneurial Learning Program can be used to…

  • Upskill your team on “lean” approaches to consumer learning
  • Become a change agent within your company that advocates for lean, entrepreneurial approaches
  • Create smart learning plans that work with your tight timelines that yield learning that enables decision making
  • Learn effectively even without an abundance of resources (time, money, people)
  • Learn quickly when you have decisions that need to be made NOW 


For the first time, we’re making this content available without the cost and time associated with a consulting engagement. 

TGG’s Entrepreneurial Learning Program includes…

  • Five 1-hour content modules delivered by Ann Thompson, Cofounder & Chief Engagement Officer at The Garage Group
  • Practical tools to help drive dissemination and application of the learning internally and amongst teams
  • A library of downloadable templates to enable the application of the principles to any business challenge
  • Monthly peer coaching session with a TGG expert


We are a battle-tested, Lean Innovation and Growth Strategy Firm that has spent the last 9 years leading BigCos like Nike, Kimberly Clark, Kraft Heinz, and American Express to apply startup-inspired approaches against their toughest innovation and growth challenges. At the heart of every engagement is consumer input and learning — it fuels every step of the process and assures that once you are in-market, your product or business model is more likely to succeed. Check out our case stories >>>


Typical customized, in-person engagements focused on these topics are valued at upwards of $15,000-20,000. TGG’s Entrepreneurial Learning Program brings the content directly to you for just $1000 per user. 

Enrollment in TGG’s Entrepreneurial Learning Program includes a single-use license. If you are buying for multiple members of your team, multiple licenses will need to be purchased to assure each member gains access. 

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