Reflecting on The Garage Group Team and Growth in 2018

December 19th, 2018

2018 has been a big year here at The Garage Group full of change and growth; fastest growing company in Cincinnati, launching the new Chicago office, 15 new employees, and more. What hasn’t changed is the mission we’re on–to enable BigCos to operate like startups— and the values we operate from. If anything, we have more conviction than ever on those things.

Here are a few things we continue to have more conviction on through our experiences this year:


What makes us most proud of our growth at The Garage Group is our people: we’ve doubled in size over the last year, hiring 15 new team members, and promoting 10 to new roles. Learn more about our growing leaders and newest team members. Our team persistently operates with vision and hustle, and as we go into next year, we’re looking for more people to jump in, make an impact, and enable our mission even more.

We’re looking for trailblazing, super smart and fun-to-be-around people to join us as Project Managers, Associate Strategists, and/or Directors, in either our Cincinnati-based office in historic Longworth Hall or Chicago office at the WeWork Kinzie.

If you are a leader who is quick to embrace change, challenge, and opportunity, we want to talk with you about potentially joining our team. Learn about our roles;  join our team in the new year.


Since the infancy of The Garage Group, our team has been focused on adding value beyond our day-to-day efforts transforming corporate leaders by enabling entrepreneurship in the communities we do business in. Our vision is to continue to invest in the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders within our community and we’ve done so through the generosity of our time, our mentorship, and once a year, through financial investment. This year we’re proud to share that we’re able to give substantially to two companies: Ocean Accelerator and Hillman Accelerator.

For the third year in a row, we are donating a percentage of our profits to Ocean Accelerator. Since its start in 2014, Ocean Accelerator has impacted over 9000 entrepreneurs and 135 businesses, addressing not just the business side, but the whole entrepreneur. We are proud to be able to continue to contribute to their mission and the impact they’re making.

And for the first time, we are donating a percentage of our profits to Hillman Accelerator. Hillman is the first accelerator in the Midwest providing support ot tech companies founded by underserved individuals. Research says less than 2% of venture capital is granted to women and founders of color. The Hillman Accelerator was established in 2016 to combat this unsettling statistic. Their team is dedicated to building an inclusive entrepreneurial accelerator program for technology founders through mentorship, capital investments, partnerships, and advanced curriculum by bringing together a diverse community to execute innovation ideas.

Both Hillman and Ocean have such a commitment to providing networks of support for entrepreneurs who are building products that are changing the world, and we are proud to support their missions as an extension of ours. Stay tuned throughout next year as we highlight startups coming out of these accelerators. A few of our team’s favorites include Cloverleaf and SoLo.


The Garage Group Team is constantly going to conferences like Lean Startup and Natural Products Expo West, reading new books – or getting the gist on Blinkist, talking with authors, and collaborating with thought leaders. We operate within the constant state of change and are therefore always in learning mode. We encourage BigCo leaders to do the same but recognize that the day to day cadence of working in a large corporation doesn’t always allow for a consistent dose of external thinking or inspiration. That is a huge reason why we’ve had so much conviction behind our Courageous Minds Only Community this year, as well as maintaining our e-newsletter and trend reports. Hosting eight chats across three cities with over 30 panelists, and over 500 attendees, there has been an incredible amount of shared learning and collaboration in the BigCo community on what it really takes to operate like a startup. We’re excited to continue the learning with our first events of next year: our Courageous Minds Only Chat with Beth Comstock in NYC, and chat in collaboration with 1871 in Chicago.


We’ve been inspired this year by countless BigCo leaders who are taking risks by trying new approaches and adopting new skills and mindsets, and as a result, they are transforming their organizations from the inside out. These leaders are making an impact in their company right from the ground floor of where the work is happening. They’re influencing leadership through their success and driving change beyond just their brand, portfolio, or division. The risks they take in trying new ways of working are paying off, and those “smaller wins” are the catalyst for change throughout their entire companies. We’re proud to be these leaders’ partners in crime.


As we’re looking toward the future, we asked our team to answer the question: “Over the next 3 years, how would you like to see our mission of Startup-Inspired and Courageous Minds Only impact BigCos?” As you can see, we have a lot of ideas. Thanks to our clients, Advisory Board, friends, family, Cincy and Chicago startup communities, and more who have made this an incredible year. Looking forward to keeping up the momentum in 2019.

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