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Taylor Burchett Promoted to Innovation & Growth Strategist

Ever since Taylor Burchett joined us over a year ago, she’s been an absolute powerhouse. She’s designed entrepreneurial approaches to research, led Design Sprints, and trained hundreds of clients on Jobs to be Done. We’re excited to announce Taylor’s promotion to Strategist to continue bringing entrepreneurial approaches to a variety innovation challenges across industries. We recently sat down with Taylor to get her take on what’s been happening the last year.

What would you say is the biggest thing you have learned since coming to TGG (professionally and /or personally)?
The whole shift from a “fixed” mindset to “growth” mindset has been the biggest learning for me both personally and on a professional level. Often, it’s important to appear to be smartest or exactly right at all times. I think the growth mindset of having the courage to fail and placing more importance on the need and desire to learn rather than being ‘right’, has been the biggest shift for me.

What do you think our clients should be paying more attention to?
Disruption that comes from all angles and all industries. We have seen Bigcos being disrupted by a 1,000 different small companies, but we’ve also seen big, traditional companies be incredibly disruptive themselves. As companies are paying more attention to things like Jobs to Be Done and “what are we solving for,” they are starting to blur the lines between channels, competitors, and what they might have thought their solution was.

From a how the work gets done POV, we’re starting to see great benefits coming from teams adopting Lean Innovation capability. Essentially workstreams where you teach brand and product leaders to operate like entrepreneurs where they move fast to iteratively learn, and create new sources of value in emerging areas. That is where the change is happening and the visibility to the rest of the company is coming in, and that is where the disruption happens.

What is one of your fav things about working at TGG?
I love how everyone has the ability to think on their feet. Whether you are throwing out a new proposal question, you are looking for trends in a certain area, or need a good response to a client challenge, I feel like everyone jumps in immediately with super creative ideas and thoughts. It makes you always want to be on your toes because that is the level everyone else is at, but it’s done in a fun and noncompetitive way. It makes it an exciting and rapid place to work and feels like everyone is at the top of their game.

Anything else?
The other day someone mentioned, “we are our own best-case study because we’re always learning.” Whether that’s throwing articles up on the Slack channel, discovering new books for us to read, being an active part of the startup community, or leading entrepreneurship classes at local Universities. There is this constant love of learning which helps us stay fresh in our own thinking and fresh in what we bring to our clients. It is great personally and professionally.

Congratulations, Taylor; we’re so happy you’re on our team!

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