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Dennis Furia

Senior Director, Lean Growth

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Dennis is a leader in innovation with a proven ability to grow brands. He designs and leads custom engagements for BigCos needing to operate more like a startup. His systematic and holistic approach has enabled clients clients such as Kimberly Clark, PepsiCo, and Mars Wrigley to build the frameworks–and the courage–to radically change their industries. Because of Dennis’ years of client-side experience and track record of marketing success at P&G, he has deep empathy for the constraints and expectations of leadership in BigCos. This empathy, combined with his energy and expertise in entrepreneurship, enables Dennis to effectively coach clients to ignite brand-consumer connections and develop breakthrough ideas in a very short period of time. As Dennis leads Sprints and other engagements, you’ll find him working to shatter the “we can’t do that” mindset and asking “what needs to be true to make that happen?”