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John Handelsman

Chairman & CEO

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With 35 years of experience in specialty finance, strategic leadership, and consulting, John has a proven track record in leading businesses to success. Most recently, he was the Operating Partner for Brixey & Meyer Capital, co-leading a $40M raise of Fund II and leading the strategic planning and execution processes of all Fund I and Fund II businesses including serving as chairman of the boards. 

John won EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award during his time as Founder, President, and CEO of The Vaughn Group, Inc., a Cincinnati-based commercial equipment finance company. 

As a long time key advisor since the inception of TGG and previously a member of the Advisory Board, John brings with him immense conviction for the mission of The Garage Group. John is driven to mobilize the gifts of the team members, create value for all stakeholders and tirelessly serve the client. His courage comes from knowing how to calculate risk and work interdependently with teams of smart, capable people in order to solve problems.