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We’re Still Growing: Come Work with Us!

Happy New Year, everyone! We are so excited to head into 2016 with a fantastic, growing team. We’ve filled a few positions (more updates to come on that in the coming weeks!) and are still looking for one more trail-blazing, super smart and fun-to-be-around person to join us. We’re searching for someone who is quick to embrace change, challenge and opportunity. Please share this post with anyone you know who might be a fit for The Garage Group’s mission and work.

Here’s how we’d describe our ideal candidate: You recognize an inefficiency; can define problems well; and then proactively set out to solve them in uber-smart ways. Jumping in to a new space, a new approach or a new constraint gives you energy. If there’s not an existing path, you create one. True partnership with a client team means you equally “own” the integrity of business decisions they are making, and you take that seriously. You strive for pragmatic excellence in everything you do. You learn fast, pay attention to details, invest in relationships and you recognize opportunities to add value for clients, co-workers and anyone else whose path crosses with yours. And, you easily and readily access a bank of experience and knowledge built from curiosity, adventure, hard work and as many failures as successes.

Bonus if you have a Spotify slow jams playlist and think coffee should be it’s own food group.

If you’re interested in this role, shoot us a note telling us why and how you’d be a great fit to grow@thegaragegroup.com. Additionally, please send us a 2-minute or less video (taken with your phone is fine–doesn’t need to be fancy!) telling us what you think it means to be entrepreneurial. BONUS: At the end of the video, tell us your favorite karaoke song and give us a ten-second clip of you singing your favorite part of the song. (Yes, we’re serious.)

Title: Innovation and Growth Strategist 
We’re looking for an approachable, pragmatic, relational, results-focused, experienced and entrepreneurial strategist to bring clients a unique approach to innovation. This is a full-time gig, based in Cincinnati.

What you’ll do:

How we’ll know if it’s working out:

Things we’re looking for:

The Garage Group enables corporate teams and brands to innovate and grow like startups.

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