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10 Product Launches built with Sustainability in Mind and Practice

Consumers and brands alike have sustainable practices top of mind as they examine the future of the places they call home and the globe. These practices are holistic and encompass factors from the sources of ingredients to processes in harvesting, producing, and transporting; packaging; and minimizing waste and environmental impacts.

We were eager to see (and taste) new product launches first hand at Expo West. In the wake of the event postponement, we are squeezed the juice from the online resources: we scoured the event app, social media, connections, and relevant articles to codify trends and identify breakthrough products. These brands caught our attention for the way they are incorporating sustainable behaviors into the foundation of their brand and new product introductions.

JTBD: Give me fuel that sustains me day to day without depleting the earth’s resources for future generations.

Vital Farms Egg Bites – This B Corp. recently launched a pioneering Traceability program that allows consumers to trace their eggs back to the hens who laid them – even viewing and listening to them. The mission-minded brand is introducing Egg Bites – single serve snacks/entrees made from pasture-raised eggs and cheese combined with humanely raised meats and veggies in a convenient handheld form.

FinalStraw – This brand launched in 2018 via a Kickstarter campaign and with a mission to create functional and fun alternatives to single-use plastics. Its collapsible, reusable straws have paved the way for a Spring launch of FInalFork, and we are connecting dots in anticipation of a full collapsible & reusable place setting in the future.

Lil Bucks makes grain-free toppings and snacks from sprouted buckwheat – a superfood that is inherently sustainable. This plant grows in an array of climates and soil types, making it easy for farmers to rotate with other crops for the regeneration of their soil. This startup will bring its Clusterbucks Adaptogenic Buckwheat Clusters to the shelves of Whole Foods this year.

LOOP Mission rescues aesthetically undesirable produce to make cold-pressed juices. The Canadian company has upcycled over 3,000 tons of fruits and vegetables to date and is expanding to the United States this year.

Lorissa’s Kitchen Whole-Made Medley Bars – A mom with firsthand farm experience solved for her own family’s pain points of needing on-the-go and wholesome snacks to fuel their busy days. The latest introduction is a line medley bars that combine intentionally sourced all-natural chicken or 100% grass-fed beef with nuts and seeds, dried fruits, and egg whites to produce protein-packed, portable energy.

Nancy’s has been family-owned since 1960 and receives the milk that goes into their organic offerings from local family farms known to them for years. With a lineup that includes kefir, sour cream, and cottage cheese, the brand recently brought Organic Whole Milk Yogurt to market.

Pipcorn Heirloom Snack Crackers – The Shark Tank alumnae founders of Pipsnacks are bringing a new item to grocer’s shelves. Pipcorn Heirloom Snack Crackers are made sustainably with leftover corn flour from the brand’s Heirloom Cheese Balls. All of the tasty offerings from Pipsnacks begin with corn grown from heirloom seeds which deliver taste and help preserve agricultural biodiversity through open pollination.

Elmhurst 1925 Oat Lattes – The makers of alternative milk beverages use a unique HydroRelease™ process which utilizes every part of the nut, seed, or grain involved – making it zero waste. Elmhurst beverages are then packaged in shelf-stable, recyclable cartons. The latest addition to their lineup is a quartet of ready-to-drink Oat Lattes – two coffee-based and two tea-based – that combine a caffeine boost with heart-healthy Omegas-3s.

Hope & Sesame Organic Sesame Milk – Sesame crops thrive in arid climates, thus using far less water per acre than nut trees. This brand is cultivating and harvesting sesame to produce an alternative milk beverage that is protein-rich and creamy.

Vive Organic – Another brand that is turning homely produce into beautiful, functional fuel is Vive Organic. The brand added two new functional shots to its array, Electro Restore and Energy + Focus. And while the single-dose liquids provide recovery and energy, the recycle bottles they come in use 62% less plastic than typical ready-to-drink beverages.

We’ll continue to dive into the event app and share products that you should know about! What products did we miss that should be included on this list?

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