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Erin is a dynamic thinker who tackles challenges with the Apollo 13 mentality: How can we innovate within a given set of constraints? She has led client engagements with boundless enthusiasm, coaching BigCos to adopt a growth mindset and arming them with consumer input throughout the process, so they feel confident in the final product. Erin has held leadership positions throughout her career, including client-side brand experience at P&G. Because of this, she understands the dynamics at play within large organizations and is able to pivot and maximize strategic engagements–condensing processes that typically take 12-18 months into 10 days. Erin’s leadership and extensive knowledge of CPG, retail, and other verticals–as well as her expertise in relationship management–has enabled clients such as Kimberly Clark, Liberty Mutual, and Kraft Heinz to tackle challenges in new, more efficient ways so they can adapt, catch up, and survive in today’s ever-evolving market.