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2012 Cincinnati Innovation Summit

We’re sponsoring a local Innovation conference (The Cincinnati Innovation Summit) on Thursday October 18 (8:30am – 5pm) and can share a 10% discount if you’re interested in attending. Looks like a good lineup of speakers and the discount/ early bird pricing (ends 10/3) drive the cost under $200. Register here: http://conta.cc/NMR2U0

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Deliver Return on Innovation (ROI) – Translating innovation into measurable returns

In today’s economy companies MUST INNOVATE to succeed, let alone to survive. The questions are not how much time or how much money we dedicate to innovation, but how do we justify this allowance? How can we document the benefits of innovation?  We must be in a position to present results that are measurable, trackable and definitive!  We can no longer base success on an innovation being a feel-good or look-good scenario – we need more.

The 2012 Cincinnati Innovation Summit is presented jointly by Cincinnati’s Product Development and Management Association and Cincinnati’s American Marketing Association.  Seven presenters total including keynote speaker Jack Cassidy, CEO, Cincinnati Bell, Meredith Baratz, VP Innovation Council with UnitedHealth Group, Min Basadur President of Applied Creative and Kenneth Kahn, PHD with the da Vinci Center for Innovation Virginia Commonwealth University’s (VCU) and more will share their valuable and actionable information about strategies, practices and processes which deliver measurable results. You will gain insights into best practices and next practices of innovation and learn how to transform innovation challenges into solutions that drive sustainable business growth.

You will have the opportunity to network with a diverse group of innovation peers from numerous industries across the region and beyond. You will also learn about additional resources to enhance your own innovation process that you can institute immediately.

More information on the Innovation Summit can be found at www.cincyinnovates.com

Registration for the Summit is NOW OPEN and as a summit sponsor we are passing along to you the opportunity to register at a 10% discount http://conta.cc/NMR2U0. In addition, you can get discounts, if you qualify, for early bird registration and being a member of the PDMA or the AMA.

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