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2013 Market Research in the Mobile World Big Ideas: Lisa Wilding-Brown

Last week, we attended the 2013 Market Research in the Mobile World Conference in Minneapolis. We were excited to learn about mobile as an important vehicle to collect insight and learning, and to hear about trends and use cases from vendors and clients using mobile as part of their learning plans.

As a follow up, we’re interviewing several thought leaders to get their perspective on a few big ideas they took away from the conference and the implications moving forward. In today’s post, we’ll share some insights from Lisa Wilding-Brown, Vice President, Global Panel & Sampling Operations from uSamp — a key partner to General Mills and many other client companies who are moving more and more of their research to mobile, as consumer receptivity and usage continues to soar.

Lisa shared: “MRMW reinforced the rapid penetration of mobile and further validated our investment in this space. Mobile is not just about the device. It is literally an extension of consumers TODAY. It isn’t about “choosing” to do mobile research. If we want to reach consumers, we need to go where they are and understand their behavior.”

Quoting data shared in the conference, Lisa re-iterated “Over 40 percent of email today is opened on a mobile device.  30% of online surveys are initiated from a mobile device. These stats are a testament to the importance of leveraging mobile.”

uSamp  is well poised to partner with clients in this space: “What’s exciting for me is that Mobile will require us to get more creative with our approach and arrive at even better insights than before. Overall, it was extremely refreshing to observe a heightened awareness and greater adoption rate from researchers to major CPGs who predicted that a large percentage of their work will migrate to mobile in the coming years. How exciting for uSamp to be leading the charge!”

Thanks to Lisa for sharing her thoughts!

Watch for more perspective from other thought leaders over the next several days.

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