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4 Benefits of Inciting Corporate Entrepreneurs

In a recent ASTD article, Christine Costello from The Babson Entrepreneur Experience Lab (a partnership between Babson College and the Business Innovation Factory) shared what they’ve been learning as it relates to the benefits an organization can realize when it supports and enables entrepreneurship “inside” (or corporate entrepreneurship):

1) Entrepreneurs who are enabled and active inside their organization develop experimentation skills that can strengthen an organization’s success and failure responses–which is critical for organizational adaptation and growth.

2) Successful corporate entrepreneurs are masters at recombining what’s available within an organizational framework to reach new people in different ways.

3) Great corporate entrepreneurs are adept storytellers who can help organizations see where and why they should change and how they should act.

4) Entrepreneurs inside an organization often create opportunities for themselves and others that can lead to talent retention.

If you’re not inspiring and leveraging the untapped, entrepreneurial talent in and outside your organization, you’re missing out — not only on the business that they could be creating for you, but on these less well publicized benefits as well.


Photo licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 via Flickr user: Amy Loves Yah

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