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5 Signs You Need a New Brand Architecture

At the heart of it, Brand Architecture is a strategic, clearly documented organization of the brand’s current and future portfolio of offerings with the intent of driving clear, simple choices for the consumer while paving the way for new innovation. More than that, it gives a roadmap for brands to make focused choices on where they will and will not play.

If done well, great Brand Architecture results in trial, repeat, and innovation that leads to growth.

A good strategy means you understand  ‘I have this great idea and where do I put it? Where does it go? Why does it go there?’ …A good strategy needs to be simple and make sense so that you can figure out how you make the right choices.” – Rachel Sexton, Innovation & Strategy Director, RB

Though, in just about all of our conversations with marketers related to Architecture, there tends to be a big sigh of frustration. Most of us recognize that our Architectures are not optimal nor used to their fullest potential for one reason or another. For most of us, Architectures tend to be a purely paper exercise that collects dust after never being fully bought in by the organization.

So why should you dust it off? Clearly aligning on and documenting Brand Architecture is one of the most underutilized strategies brands use today since a solid Architecture will not only organize your brand but guide innovation, drive simplicity at the shelf and build momentum for your organization.

Here are 5 signs that you might need to dust off your current Architecture:

How to get started? To build a strong Architecture:

The Garage Group helps corporate teams take an entrepreneurial approach to building strong architecture directions that drive trial, repeat and innovation strategy.


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