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5 Takeaways from the Autonomous Innovation Summit

Innovative capabilities, methods, and approaches have evolved over the years, like the increasing popularity of Design Thinking, Jobs Theory, Lean Startup, Sprints, and Scrums, to help companies navigate market uncertainty and get to winning solutions faster in service of keeping existing brands relevant or launching new ones. Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities have been used for decades; however the tidal wave of interest and momentum around Generative AI and its potential to unlock new opportunities can’t be ignored.

While there is uncertainty about some of the implications of Gen AI, The Garage Group, like other courageous leaders has proactively leaned in to understand how this capability could be leveraged to strengthen our work, and how our BigCo partners are likely to strategically leverage Gen AI as a competitive advantage.

We recently attended the Autonomous Innovation Summit hosted by the Board of Innovation. The 2-day virtual event brought together roughly 10,000 leaders from across the globe representing multiple industries and fields of expertise to explore the implications and effective application of AI.

Here are some of the themes that stood out to us…

1. AI creates opportunities for companies to make progress toward their ESG goals

2. Gen AI is a tool to better predict consumer needs and preferences, enabling companies to provide increasingly personalized content that can improve market success among future launches.

3. Gen AI is expanding beyond the constraints of a tool, and in some cases being leveraged as a virtual team member.

4. While AI shows tremendous promise in its application across multiple disciplines and industries, there is still caution and concern, leading to controlled experimentation. Ethics and governance are top topics of discussion leading to slower adoption in some areas.

5. Service agencies and consultants supporting large companies will need to be ambidextrous, demonstrating a working knowledge of AI and having the ability to help companies in its effective applications.

If you are curious about the evolving capabilities of AI or exploring the practical applications of Gen AI in your business, let’s connect!

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