The TGG Slack channel is our hub for sharing new thinking and ideas. Check out the top posts from June! Immerse yourself in these up-to-the-minute lessons learned, and resources to keep pace with emerging market trends. (Pro-tip: share these resources with your team and set up time to talk implications.)

  1. HACKING GROWTHExpand your innovation & growth efforts through Growth Hacking, a Lean Startup-inspired approach to marketing. Hacking Growth by Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown is the guidebook to building the right growth team, finding your north star metric, and discovering the perfect hacks for your own sustainable growth challenges.
  2. 4 TYPES OF INNOVATION AND THE PROBLEMS THEY SOLVEPulling from his new book, Greg Satell shares an innovation matrix for helping leaders understand which innovation approaches to apply against which types of growth challenges. Breaking down “innovation” into 4 distinct matrices helps to narrow in on where new approaches like Lean Startup fit into the overall innovation mix.
  3. WHY LEAN STARTUP TRAINING IS NOT ENOUGHThis Forbes article highlights the challenges Bigcos face even after adopting the Lean Startup approach, focusing on the capabilities and requirements needed to innovate and succeed beyond foundational capability efforts. We’ve found that more and more of our client teams are bringing us on for longer engagements to address this challenge; going beyond a series of “Lean” training sessions and establishing an extended partnership to truly create lasting change.
  4. 11 ENABLERS FOR SPRINT SUCCESS AGAINST INNOVATION AND GROWTH STRATEGY CHALLENGES: A sprint approach can be a very effective way to quickly address a tough strategy, business model or product development challenge. We’ve captured the “11 enablers” we learned after working on a disruptive innovation strategy challenge for a F100 client. Keep these enablers in mind to ensure success on projects, or talk to our team on implementing change in not just what you’re doing, but how you’re doing it.
  5. THINKING LIKE AN ENTREPRENEUR LEADS TO CORPORATE AND CUSTOMER VICTORIES: This article highlights GE’s approach to using the the Lean Startup methodology in order to dramatically improve speed to market and to increase their hit rate with customers. A lot of the Bigcos we work with at The Garage Group are eager to learn from other BigCos who may traditionally move slower or have more roadblocks internally. GE is a great case study of how to employ Lean thinking across a complex organization.
  6. HIRE HUSTLERS, WEAR MULTIPLE HATS: 5 TIPS TO BUILD AND RUN A LEAN STARTUP: This article details five tips that Startups (and Bigco’s looking to stay lean and innovative) should embrace in order to optimize their organization for success. “Hiring Hustlers” (the good kind) is the strongest personality trait we look for in candidates to join our team. Hustlers act with courage, are hungry to learn, and will do anything to keep the company moving towards its goals. Shameless plug: If you like to hustle, check out our open roles.
  7. TOMMY HILFIGER ON WHY EMBRACING RISK IS THE KEY TO INNOVATION: Hilfiger CMO Avery Baker shares nine steps the brand took to embrace risk and stay relevant. All nine steps outlined in this article are both inspiring and actionable, and one we love to remind ourselves of at The Garage Group is #4, “Make failure a real option.” Allowing ourselves the freedom of failure allows us to act bolder and with more courage than would have otherwise been possible.
  8. LADDER.IO: This growth marketing agency shares many of their own growth hacks. Explore their tactical examples for inspiration for your growth hacking efforts.

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