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A Better Approach to Inspiring Ideation

When it comes to ideation, most of us believe that great ideas come from great inspiration.

Over the past several months, we’ve addressed a few common challenges with making ideation workshops “better.” Better ideation workshops generate a higher number of quality ideas that are likely to make it to market. We’ve already addressed making ideas “bigger” by expanding the definition of an “idea,” and pacing ideation more iteratively throughout the year rather than focusing solely on big events. In this post, we’re tackling the challenge around how best to inspire ideation.

We often see two common approaches to inspiration. Both are problematic. Do either of these sound familiar?

1. The 1.5 hour R&D/technology presentation deck. Knowing the technology available for product innovation is certainly important. But, while lengthy, overly-scientific explanations are often interesting (but probably old news) to R&D folks, they are difficult to keep up with for non-scientists. Essentially, these presentations are information, rather than inspiration. The result is typically dis-engagement and fatigue, rather than new ideas.

2. The ethereal trend video. Too many of us have sat in ideation workshops watching a video of ballet dancers in Italy and wondered, “What does this have to do with the problem we are trying to solve?” This might be a little extreme, but you catch our drift. This type of inspiration often degrades the credibility of the workshop since participants don’t see the connection to the business or customer need.

So, how can inspiration truly lead to unique, actionable and breakthrough ideas? Here are a few tips based on our experience:

Consider leveraging these five tips to ensure that inspiration leads to brilliant ideas.

The Garage Group enables corporate teams to generate big ideas via multi-functional ideation workshops that leverage analogs, rapid iteration and shark-tank like pitches to develop robust new marketing, product and service ideas.

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