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A Courageous Action that Led to a Side Hustle

Alex Reed, an Associate here at The Garage Group, comes from a family full of entrepreneurs. She’s constantly pushing herself to try new things and explore new opportunities. She brings this spirit to work day-in and day-out as she pushes our clients to embrace new ideas and strategic opportunities. 

Since she’s always watching trends, Alex has developed an excellent gauge for when and how to go about taking a risk. One of her ongoing personal ventures is investing in real estate. In an effort to continue to push herself to try new things, she decided to jump into the glamping world by purchasing a highly desirable retro camper.

It’s a passion project, a side hustle, and exactly what she needed to fuel that entrepreneurial spirit.

The trailer serves as a passive income stream for Alex. She and her dad rent it out for a few days at a time. “When we aren’t renting it out, I take it on trips. I know how it works inside and out, which is a huge confidence builder for me.” 

At The Garage Group, we celebrate courageous action. Each employee is given two PTO days each year to do something courageous – whatever that means for them! Take some time to reflect…

Although it’s often scary, the reward is always greater than the fear. Do something courageous today!

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