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Beth Comstock: Taking on Challenges

I’m curious about your persistence to put yourself out there to take on challenges, but then the capacity to also learn and grow through the peaks and through some of the tough times as well. Can you talk about that?

Beth: I’m ambitious. That was often at odds with some other things-- someone who lacked confidence or felt awkward and shy about going forward in things. I love that this is Courageous Minds; for me it was a lot of summoning that courage. When I didn’t have confidence, I would find courage to help me get confidence. So I’d give myself small challenges to go forward and build tenacity. I learned to love that I’m a curious person. That was how I got out of those things -- I’m curious. I could either be in my head worry about everything, or I can be out there scoring, and being curious.

That was how I got a certain confidence. Most of my colleagues were focused inside, and it was easy for me to look outside because no one else was. I had confidence in the things I saw, and it wasn’t about my idea, about me, or about me being awkward. It was about me helping see things because I spent time outside. It was embracing my curiosity that, I think, was my a-ha.