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Beth Comstock: Wisdom for Changemakers

We have a room full of amazing courageous change makers, who obviously are doing crazy cool things. They're making an impact. What advice, wisdom, encouragement would you leave them with?

Beth: You're here talking about Courageous Minds, and I think you have to find the courage from somewhere. It's little bits, little doses of courage, then putting it in your pocket so you can take it out. And we're not talking like ball dealing, “I’m going to fly to Mars” courage. We're talking I'm gonna go pitch an idea and go back again another day. And you have to give other people that courage. Not only are you giving it to yourself, but you're starting in your pocket and you're giving it to other people. You're giving them feedback. You're giving them space. You're giving them encouragement.

So I think courage and Courageous Minds is something that can be shared and cultivated. So that's your job. Your job is to inspire, to fight for, and encourage other Courageous Minds.

Thank you, Beth, for sharing your stories with us. The thing we've taken away from Beth is to keep swinging; it’s easy to rest on what we’ve done...reading her book—which we'd highly recommend—and chatting with her has encouraged us to think bigger.

What’s the one thing you’ll do differently after watching this interview? Make a commitment to yourself to figure that out, and start something tomorrow.