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Pivots that are Making us Smile

The past few weeks have been tough—personally and professionally—for our team, our neighbors, and our communities, and we are all bracing for more to come. As we reflect on what we’ve most enjoyed reading and sharing over the past week, it hasn’t been trends or industry posts, but examples of businesses and people being good to one another and pivoting quickly to help neighbors and their communities at large.

We are sharing a collection of these examples to inspire you as you embrace the constraints of today. Many of these serve as great analogs and hopefully bring a smile.

Cincinnati Zoo is Doing Daily Zoo Visits via Facebook Live 

“If you (or your new “interns”) need a bit of entertainment or a brain break, Cincinnati Zoo is doing a Facebook Live each day and broadcasting with some of their animals.” – Heather, Senior Director, Lean Growth 

Planet Fitness offering free online at-home workout classes

“Planet Fitness is offering free online at-home workout classes via their Facebook Live. Whether you’re a member or not, you have access to keep your body moving, even while you’re stuck at home. I’m on my own get-healthy journey, and I love their pivot to embrace the online audience.” – Rachel Van Fleet, Manager, Growth Hacking

Scholastic offers Learn at Home 

“Even when schools are closed, you can keep the learning going with these special cross-curricular journeys. Every day includes four separate learning experiences, each built around a thrilling, meaningful story or video. Kids can do them on their own, with their families, or with their teachers. Just find your grade level and let the learning begin!” – Devin, Director, Lean Growth

Local Cincinnati Restaurant Closes Doors but Churns out Lunches for Kids  

“O Pie O is one of my favorite local spots in my neighborhood. I am super concerned about all of the local businesses but was so inspired to see that even in their potential strife, they are focusing on serving others (for context, there are a lot of underprivileged families in my neighborhood.) They pivoted and are not only doing curbside order pickups but seeking donations for and providing lunches for kids who are out of school.” – Justine, Director of Growth Hacking

Broadway at home 

I am a huge Broadway fan, so I was very excited to see that BroadwayHD is providing free streaming of some of my favorite shows. I hope more shows – especially ones that just shut down on Broadway – do the same.” – Erin, VP, Lean Growth 

Fresh Market offers designated shopping hours

“Fresh Market, along with more and more grocery stores daily, is offering designated shopping hours for seniors only to further protect a demographic that is more vulnerable to the coronavirus and its health risks. I love this simple, but helpful pivot in an effort to protect communities.” Melanie, Research Consultant

“I received this text from my mom this morning. ‘Dad was at Aldi this morning picking up some items that Jordan’s Crossing desperately needs. A guy behind him in line, asked him why he was buying all the stuff. Dad explained and told him all about how amazing Jordan’s Crossing is. The guy looked at him and said “I’ll pay for your order, all of it.” Wow….so much good in the world.” Jordan Crossing is an amazing homeless mission my parents are heavily involved in in Columbus’. – Monica, Strategist, The Garage Group

eCommerce to expand

“As millions of Americans turn to eCommerce and online buying in the process of reorienting their lives, Amazon is hiring aggressively to meet unprecedented demand. While our education, work and play all move to an in-home setting, we all have the opportunity to choose how we will react. While uncertainty can be a bit scary, I’m excited to see how we’ll all rise to courageously meet these new challenges head-on, together.” – Keith, VP, Lean Growth

Here are a few other crowd favorites that we’ve been sharing over the past few days: 

We are planning for when this is all over and we are reunited. Can you imagine how wonderful that will be?”

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