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Why it pays to prioritize sustainability

The ESG advantage In the rapidly evolving landscape of business, one thing is clear: ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is no longer just a buzzword; it’s becoming the bedrock of responsible and forward-thinking organizations.Our TGG team has been keeping a pulse on the latest ESG shifts. Check out our latest thinking! ESG Landscape 2023 Mini-report

Savoring Summer Trends of 2023

Mini trends report for Summer 2023 hottest alcohol flavor trends.

Innovation Show – NYC FounderMade

FounderMade is a future-minded media company that creates best-in-class events specifically for the brand-innovators of tomorrow. Our team followed their most recent event and compiled the following takeaways. In this report, you’ll find relevant consumer-market trends from the FounderMade Innovation Show, including: Quality Delivering Value: I need to extend the value of my hard earned […]

Consumers Reassessing Value in the Face of Uncertainty

Our Lean Research Team developed a custom research plan, and then rolled up their sleeves to develop a report with rich and actionable insights on consumers’ evolving views on value. People’s perceptions of “value” are changing in response to the uncertainties they are experiencing. They are taking inventory of their lifestyle choices and spending behaviors. While […]

A Courageous Action that Led to a Side Hustle

Alex Reed, an Associate here at The Garage Group, comes from a family full of entrepreneurs. She’s constantly pushing herself to try new things and explore new opportunities. She brings this spirit to work day-in and day-out as she pushes our clients to embrace new ideas and strategic opportunities.  Since she’s always watching trends, Alex […]