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Lean Research: A Powerful Tool

Hello Stretched Brand & Innovation Leader –  We know you. As a leader, you’re being pulled in many directions. You barely have enough time in the day to eat. New meetings and tasks constantly arise. This forces you to focus on short-term issues. You wish there was more time to think, to strategize.  You know keeping […]

Fueling Team Engagement With Wellness Bingo

Employees Aren’t Engaged; But There’s Hope  Did you know that nearly 5 million more employees are disengaged from their work than in 2023. According to Gallup, worker engagement is at an 11 year low.  The steady rise in engagement coming out of the Great Recession in 2010 to Covid in 2020 has unwound.  Companies and […]

5 Innovation Takeaways from Industry Leaders – Courageous Minds Only May 2024

The Garage Group (TGG) brought together the global Courageous Minds Only community once again, on May 16th, 2024. Jason Hauer, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer at TGG, engaged attendees in an inspired discussion with battle-tested leaders from Nielsen IQ, PLEZi Nutrition, Instant Brands and EX3 Labs. They discussed how acts of courage can transform your career and […]

Irresistible Food & Beverage Trends

Keeping up with Food & Bev Trends is tough. One minute, Acai is blowing up. The next, it’s Sea Moss Gummies. We’ve captured 10 Irresistible Food & Beverage Trends in our latest report. Download it now! We know innovating with trends is critical for your business. Want to boost your innovation pipeline NOW and need […]

3 Sustainability Focused Innovations You Need To Know

Earth Day 2024 just happened. Sustainability is heating up: it’s a growing priority for the world. Gen X and Millennials are especially interested in reducing the harmful effects of climate change. Plus, they expect companies to do more. In response, corporations are making efforts to be more sustainable.  There’s no better time than now to […]