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Three Macro Trends Influencing Innovation in Food & Beverage

Trends gain momentum and traction when they are executable and scalable across platforms and categories. As we look at what needs to be true for brands to maintain relevance with consumers, we shine a light on three macro trends with traction in food & beverage innovation. 1. Plant-Powered Plant-powered is a trend that continues to […]

Maintaining Variety While Consolidating SKUs

There’s been a lot of press about SKU consolidation from BigCos in both the CPG and Food/Bev industries. Coke announced its decision a few weeks ago to eliminate over 200 brands. And, an article from Bloomberg from June 26, 2020 references many others: “General Mills Inc., maker of Cheerios and Progresso soups, has pared its […]

As COVID-19 Ramps Back Up, Revisit Consumer Research from Earlier This Year

Earlier this year, we tackled uncertainty head-on and embarked on an entrepreneurial, multi-method learning journey to keep a real-time pulse on the changing behaviors of consumers in response to COVID-19. Now, six months later, we must continue developing our understanding of these behaviors as the effects of COVID-19 escalate again. Luckily, this doesn’t require running […]

Hack #3 to Operating with a Courageous Minds Only Attitude: Move Forward with Agility

Courageous Minds Only (CMO) began as a source of courage, inspiration, and ideas for corporate leaders to build the future in an uncertain world. Over the years, as leaders have had opportunities through virtual and regional conversations to connect around shared challenges and lessons learned, CMO has evolved into a well-connected community and mindset. We’re […]

This Holiday Season, Empathy and On-Time Shipping Will Keep You on the ‘Nice List’ with Consumers

At The Garage Group, we’re always looking for ways to enable our BigCo partners to maintain relevance in a dynamic environment. With the holidays approaching and effects of COVID-19 still prevalent, it’s more important than ever for brands to break through the clutter and make a positive impact. To help brands navigate this holiday season, […]