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Core Maximization: Key Takeaways from Coke’s Deprioritization of Small Brands

Recently, we shared thoughts from a couple of battle-tested leaders at The Garage Group on what it takes in today’s uncertain, ever-changing environment to keep brand portfolios relevant and growing. Through that lens, we’re taking a look at Coca-Cola, and shining a light on key actionable takeaways for brands across categories from the beverage leader, […]

B2B eCommerce Boom: Adapt & Win with Digital Transformation Strategies

As we continue to highlight 2020’s lasting effects on brands’ relationships to their eCommerce capabilities, having previously shared B2C relevance and examples on reaching consumers directly and digitally, we’re moving forward into digital trends and executions that are also shaping business to business (B2B) relationships.    “Within the next few years, more than half of […]

Five Startup-Inspired Principles to Guide Your Strategic Planning

Strategic planning has long been a part of many companies’ annual business processes. We were honored recently to work with a well established B2B focused company to create their five-year strategic plan. Through that engagement, we were able to establish a few principles that may help make your strategic planning exercise more effective in today’s […]

11 Enablers for Sprint Success

As we help BigCo leaders keep their existing brands relevant, we learn and continue to optimize our Strategy Sprint approach. We thought it would only be fair to share our lessons learned to help enable other teams to apply this approach to solving big, strategic growth challenges. WHAT IS A STRATEGY SPRINT? Our Strategy Sprints […]

Get Faster Insights and Bigger Ideas with Digital Ethnography

In-person, immersive research is ideal in many situations. However, sometimes we want to understand consumers across a longer time period, or in categories where consumers are more apt to share thoughts and feelings in a less face-to-face way. Plus, in-person approaches aren’t always a viable option due to time constraints and the resources needed for […]