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Against Innovation and Growth Strategy Challenges

11 Enablers for Sprint Success

As we help BigCo leaders keep their existing brands relevant, we learn and continue to optimize our Strategy Sprint approach. We thought it would only be fair to share our lessons learned to help enable other teams to apply this approach to solving big, strategic growth challenges. WHAT IS A STRATEGY SPRINT? Our Strategy Sprints […]

Get Faster Insights and Bigger Ideas with Digital Ethnography

In-person, immersive research is ideal in many situations. However, sometimes we want to understand consumers across a longer time period, or in categories where consumers are more apt to share thoughts and feelings in a less face-to-face way. Plus, in-person approaches aren’t always a viable option due to time constraints and the resources needed for […]

*NYC Courageous Minds Only Chat with Beth Comstock

Last year, we listened to lessons from corporate leaders from Kraft Heinz, JPMorgan Chase, ascena retail, and more as they discussed their industry-specific challenges and first-hand experiences from enabling their BigCos to operate like startups. The Garage Group is excited to organize and host a special Courageous Minds Only chat on Operating Like a Startup […]

Top Notes from Lean Startup Conference 2018

We’ve been going to Lean Startup Conference for the past three years, always returning home with a notebook full of ways to optimize approaches and new leaders that we can follow and learn from. The conference is always chock-full of lessons to enable startups and enterprises big and small to operate more lean and entrepreneurial in […]

Columbus Fireside Chat: Leaders from Ascena Retail and JPMorgan Chase Discuss Operating like a Startup in a Bigco

The Garage Group is excited to organize and host another Courageous Minds Only chat on Operating Like a Startup in a BigCo, our first in Columbus, Ohio, this time with leaders from ascena Retail and JPMorgan Chase on Wednesday, November 14th, at 5:30 pm EST at Industrious, 629 North High Street, 4th Floor, Columbus, OH […]