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These 9 Products at CES 2020 solved some critical consumer pain points

As we were scouring articles and the Twitter-universe for top products and emerging trends from CES 2020, we were looking for the products in which we could hear the strongest consumer voices. From helping parents take care of their babies to helping you clean up your trash easier, here are a few products that are solving for real consumer pain points and Jobs to be Done (JTBD) in new innovative ways. 


JTBD: Help me take care of my baby without having my eyes and hands on her every moment.

In 2019, P&G presented at CES for the first time, and this year they announced a connected-care system to help parents care for their babies. Using smart technology and sensors, Lumi aids parents in understanding a newborn’s sleeping and feeding habits and holistic activity to provide tailored care and developmental tools. Check out other P&G products at CES 2020.

Smart Beat 

JTBD: Give me peace of mind about my baby’s breathing when I am in another room.

Smart Beat uses machine learning and a crystal-clear camera to monitor a baby’s breathing and pairs it with an app that notifies a parent of an irregularity. Its software has a panoply of useful features and with more in development. According to, Nate Ruben co-founded this product because of his own experiences when his wife gave birth four weeks early, and they wanted a way to track their child’s breathing and heartbeat even after they’d left the hospital. 

DNA Nudge

JTBD: Help me make healthy food choices even if I am unsure about what’s best for me personally.

Pairing an in-store DNA swab with a wearable, DNA Nudge allows consumers to scan potential food purchases to gain on-the-spot insight into the personal health benefits or detriments based on their genetic makeup.

Oral-B iO Electric Toothbrush

JTBD: Help me know that my teeth are truly clean even if I can’t see what I am doing.

The Oral-B iO electric toothbrush features a sensor to let users know they’re brushing too hard or just right. The accompanying app allows users to see exactly where they are brushing in real-time; the app also guides users through a two-minute brushing session and offers insights, such as tracking to ensure users are cleaning all areas of the mouth. It even provides a brushing “score” which serves as a motivator. 

Colgate Plaqless Pro

JTBD: Give me tools that address oral health care issues even if I can’t see the problem.

Meanwhile, Colgate introduced a new toothbrush with technology that detects biofilm buildup in the mouth and removes it while brushing. It also notifies users when they need to brush longer in one area of their mouth. A light ring around the toothbrush will turn blue when buildup has been found. A white light displays when teeth are clean. The Colgate toothbrush will launch later this year.

Neutrogena Skin360 

JTBD: Give me beautiful skin like my friend has even if my skin is very different from hers.

A free app from Neutrogena, Skin360, analyzes more 2,000 facial attributes and through AI, offers personalized skin tips and connects the user with a skin care coach.

Trash that seals itself 

JTBD: Help me dispose of my household trash without making a mess.

TOWNEW is stepping into consumer’s households to eliminate the messy, smelly task of removing trash from the bin. Its trash can will seal a trash bag with the touch of a button, readying it for the consumer to lift and carry out. And, it will automatically load a replacement bag. And, its battery-operated sensors will open the lid when a user approaches as well as alert consumers that the bag is full.

Motion Pillow

JTBD: Help me get a restful night of sleep even if I am prone to snoring.

Snoring not only annoys others, it prevents deep and restful sleep for the one snoring. Paired with a Solution Box, the Motion Pillow detects the onset of snoring and pumps air into the pillow to adjust the user’s head position and enables regular breathing pattern.


JTBD: Help me give me skin exactly what it needs even if that changes daily, weekly, monthly.

This 6.5-inch beauty tech device from L’Oréal’s incubator delivers personalized in-home skincare and cosmetic formulas. Using artificial intelligence, the personalization of the products will be increasingly optimized as the system gathers more data about a  consumer’s skin, personal preferences, and environment.

What were other important pain points and Jobs to be Done that you felt like companies were solving at CES 2020? We’d love to hear from you.

But what about privacy?

What is something in common with almost all of these products? They’re fueled by personal data and information, which brought up the constant question about privacy and security. Consumers require companies to keep their data safe. What needs to be true for companies to protect consumer data while developing innovative, pain point solving technology? Because consumers want both.

The intersection of Tech & Food

Last week at CES, Impossible Foods announced its newest plant-based protein alternative, Impossible Pork. The fact that the announcement was made on the premier stage for consumer technology and electronics innovations is noteworthy; and it was the brand’s second food introduction at CES, having launched its Impossible Burger 2.0 at CES last year. Read more about this convergence of tech and food.

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