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Embracing Pivots As Means To Successful New Ideas

Most of the startups we know embrace the idea of change. Agility. Flexibility. Course correction as a way of life. Interestingly, this trait isn’t as pervasive among corporate innovators, entrepreneurs, and marketers. Maybe its a different level of urgency or risk that startups feel that enables them to adapt their plans when something isn’t working. Why don’t we always feel the need to be as agile when we’re working on a new idea, a new business model or a new corporate venture? There are probably a few reasons:

In any venture, we should assume that we will need to change course a few times as we learn. We should set the expectation that part of our role in creating new value for our companies and brands is to foresee the need for pivots and changes. Ultimately, our success is launching a successful new idea, business model or venture that creates growth, opportunity or profit, even if we have to make significant course corrections along the way.


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