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Cincinnati PDMA Breakfast Panel: Driving Innovation Holistically

Join Cincinnati PDMA Board Members Jason Hauer: Cofounder of The Garage Group, Sirlei Waterhouse: Product Development Leader at Kao Brands and Wayne Fisher: Founder of Rockdale Innovation for a PDMA Breakfast Panel on Wednesday, Feb 26th, 7:30 – 9:30am at The Hamilton County Business Center to hear their thoughts on Driving Innovation Holistically: Defining the Challenge, Generating Big Ideas, and Effective Implementation. Click here to REGISTER. This event is free of charge, and breakfast and coffee will be provided!

Jason Hauer | Cofounder of The Garage Group Leveraging Analogs to Inspire New Product, Service, and Marketing Ideas

Jason will share how he has taken inspiration from seemingly unrelated industries and models to create innovative solutions. Jason is Cofounder of The Garage Group, a strategy firm that helps market-leading companies and brands take fast, smart & scrappy approaches to discovering opportunities; and to iteratively build holistic initiative prototypes for truly new products, services and commercial innovations.

Sirlei Waterhouse | Product Development Leader at KAO Brands | Defining New Opportunities to Explore

Sirlei will share her experience in identifying challenges to address within an opportunity area. Sirlei is a Product Development Leader at Kao Brands, a leading global manufacturer of premium beauty care brands that are recognized around the world for their innovation and quality.

Wayne Fisher | Founder of Rockdale Innovation Jump Start Your Team for Innovation Success

Wayne will share his experience in helping newly formed project teams organize to do the right work at the right time. Wayne is the Founder of Rockdale Innovation, a global network of innovation guides that help companies develop an innovation capability and design their organizations for innovation excellence.

The Garage Group brings entrepreneurial approaches to discovering insights and building new product, service & marketing ideas.

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