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Courageous Minds Only: Kicking Off June 17th

We’re excited to share that we’re kicking the Courageous Minds Only community back into gear and hosting a series of virtual panel conversations starting June 17. 

Courageous Minds Only is a community with a mission for giving corporate leaders courage, inspiration, and ideas for building the future in an uncertain world. Since its founding in 2018, we’ve impacted thousands of leaders in NYC, Chicago, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, and more through candid conversations with execs from BigCos like AB InBev, Salesforce, and Citi and corporate innovation icons like Beth Comstock. Leaders have shared challenges and lessons learned as they’re transforming their orgs to compete in an increasingly turbulent world. Shifting from quarterly regional communities to a virtual platform gives us the opportunity to impact significantly more leaders on a more regular basis, as well as the ability to tap into top leaders and experts from around the world. 

Jason Hauer, our Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer, will be leading virtual panel conversations with battle-tested leaders on a range of topics including the future of digital customer experiences, winning in a contactless economy, hacking for growth, adjusting innovation and growth priorities to meet the demands of reality, and more. 

We’ll be kicking things off with a critical topic:  Predicting the future of your business and industry

See the confirmed speakers and register below.

Predicting the Future of Your Business and Industry

Wednesday, June 17, 12-1 pm EST 

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