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Leaders From Colgate-Palmolive, Kellogg, & TUSHY On Competing In A Digital First Word

On August 19th, Jason Hauer, Co-Founder and Head of Growth sat down with battle-tested leaders Surabhi Pokhriyal, Global Head of Digital Commerce at Colgate-Palmolive, Travis Colvin, Senior Director of B2B eCommerce at Kellogg, and Jessica Khourie, Chief Marketing Officer at TUSHY for a Courageous Minds Only conversation on Competing in A Digital First World. 

4 person frame: from top left Jess Khourie, Surabhi Pokhriyal, Travis Colvin, & Jason Hauer

These leaders shared their insights and methods of getting started and staying ahead of rapidly evolving digital landscapes– from understanding emerging digital trends coming out of Asian markets, to leveraging data to create community around a brand, to empowering their teams to build and test new approaches to digital. 


Dive into these highlights:

COVID and the Acceleration of “Phygital” Experiences



How Digital Has Shaped New Consumer Pathways



Rethinking Digital On Both Enterprise & Individual Levels



Leveraging Community to Build Digitally-Native Brands



Keeping B2B eCommerce Relevant



Fostering an “Ask for Forgiveness” Mindset 



Strengthening Consumer Empathy Through Data


Harnessing A Global Digital Perspective



Understanding “Where To Play” In Digital Spaces



Creating New Precedent In An Established Environment


One Key Piece of Advice for Competing in A Digital World:

Travis – Take Initiative & Have Courage 


Surabhi – Standing Still Is Going Backwards



Jess – Reframe Failure

As you reflect on the insights shared from this Courageous Minds Only conversation, how can you as a leader think differently in your approach to digital strategies? In what ways can you empower your team to test and learn on new approaches to digital?


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