Courageous Minds Only Event Recap: January, 2023 | The Garage Group

Courageous Minds Only Event Recap: January, 2023

The latest Courageous Minds Only event was a blast. We had a record number of attendees both in-person and online. Special thanks to our partner 1871 for making the event possible!

We created the Courageous Minds Only Community to give corporate leaders courage, inspiration, and ideas for building the future in an uncertain world.

The Panelists:

Jason Hauer, Co-founder and Head of Growth at The Garage Group, and Founder of the Courageous Minds Only Community recently led an inspiring conversation. All of these corporate leaders have a different background, but they’ve shared several common experiences throughout their professional careers.

Check out the following clips from the discussion for some actionable advice on how to navigate the professional world.

Dujon’s perfect intersection…

David on having the courage to lean in… 

Karen’s advice to ask questions… 

Watch the full discussion over on our YouTube page.

Commitment to action:

We encourage you to internalize what you watched. Share it with your team and choose one insight to put into action. These disciplines will improve the way you work, change how you work with others within your team, and ultimately help your organization. 

Feeling inspired and need a thought partner to chat more on these topics? Let’s connect!

Check out our Courageous Minds Only Community Page for past conversations and recordings, to register for our email list, and to register for upcoming events.

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