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CMO: Predicting the Future of Your Business or Industry

On June 17, we hosted a virtual Courageous Minds Only Chat with a deep dive on Predicting the Future of Your Business and Industry. Jason Hauer, Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer at The Garage Group, interviewed three top leaders in the investing/VC space and dug into how operating like VC can help corporate leaders see patterns of opportunity emerging for their businesses and brands:

Check out the top seven highlights & full recording below.

“It’s actually the job of everyone in your business to think about where your job, your business, and your industry might be headed, and connect the dots.” – Dave Knox

“How can we better include more folks who bring the diversity of thought and experiences we need for future innovation, particularly for those who historically haven’t had much of a voice in the VC world?”

“What’s the cost of being wrong about eCommerce?

20 years ago, nobody thought people would be buying CPG products on Amazon. But now Amazon is going to drive more than half the growth in the CPG world over the next five years and will only continue to accelerate because of COVID-19.” – Gautam Gupta

“The thing that we figured out at NatureBox is to implement a test and learn approach as quickly and as soon as possible into the culture of the company. What we became very, very good at, at NatureBox was just testing new ideas, not just at a product level, but at a back-end technology level, and we’re willing to fail fast.” – Gautam Gupta

“If you’re in brand management, insights, etc., and you have a corporate venture capital group, how do you tap into them to make sure that their insight is coming back to the base business?”

“If you were in the shoes of a Brand Manager or Head of Insights, what are some specific, tangible things that you would be doing to get insights, to get outside the walls of the corporation and help startups?”

“How are you able to start to see the future and patterns as it relates to how you invest?”

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