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Unpacking Changing Consumer Behavior: Part 1 – Digital Ethnography Webinar & Report

We’ve tackled uncertainty head-on and embarked on an entrepreneurial, multi-method learning journey. Our goal is to keep a real-time pulse on the ever-changing behaviors of consumers during today’s new “shelter at home” reality. 

Part 1 was conducting a Digital Ethnography to start to uncover shifts in consumer behavior and identify opportunity areas for businesses. We shared our findings during a recent webinar and started to unpack the potential long-term impact of our current reality. Download and check out the full report and webinar recording by filling out the form below!

What’s inside the Digital Ethnography Report and discussed on the Webinar?

Part 1 – Overall Thoughts & Feelings from COVID-19 Impacting Change in Behaviors: Fear of virus contraction is a leading driver in behavior shifts, leading consumers to purchase and consume things out of their “normal” routine.

Part 2 – Behavior Shifts as a Result of COVID-19: Behavior changes as a result of COVID-19 range from expected behaviors like increased disinfecting to more emotional behaviors like being intentional about connections with loved ones. Consumers note that some of these behaviors may have a more long-term impact on their lives. 

Part 3 – Opportunity Areas, Driven by Behavior Changes with Potential for Long-Term Impact: As consumers go back to their “new normal” post pandemic, there are several opportunity areas for innovation, driven by shifting consumer behaviors, that our research suggests have staying power: 

The next step in our learning journey is to deep-dive into each of the 6 Opportunity Areas to build additional context. 

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