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Courageous Leadership

We have a ton of passion for pulling leaders together around the topic of entrepreneurship-driven innovation & growth to learn from one another on what’s worked, what’s failed, and to identify opportunities to keep getting stronger. We’ve hosted 40+ Courageous Minds Only chats across 6 cities with amazing engagement and learning. Leaders like Beth Comstock, and execs from BigCos like PepsiCo, Salesforce, and Anheuser-Busch have shared challenges and leadership lessons learned as they’re transforming their orgs and teams to compete in an increasingly turbulent world. 

As we’ve listened to these leaders, and leaned into the conversation about what needs to be true for them to operate with courage in the face of uncertainty, we’ve uncovered some of the most critical challenges senior innovation leaders face and developed some ways that they can start to activate against them.

Courageous Leadership Bootcamp

At The Garage Group, we are channeling those learnings into a new one-day Courageous Leadership Bootcamp designed for leaders and teams desiring to drive change in the face of uncertainty. This Bootcamp will help you mobilize your team to disrupt and innovative. As a part of the day leaders and teams will:

  1. Assess the current state of the innovation culture of your company against 5 Courageous Culture Markers;
  2. Explore and practice the skills needed to courageously lead like empathy, perseverance, and passion placement;
  3. Create an action plan for how to move forward in building a culture that supports innovative thinking and disruption.

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