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Learning from Chicago’s Innovation Leaders

Thank you for joining us at our latest Courageous Minds Only Community Event! Special thanks to 1871 for making the event possible. Jason Hauer, Co-founder and Head of Growth at The Garage Group, led an inspiring discussion some of Chicago’s top innovation leaders:

All of the panelists have vastly different backgrounds, but they’ve shared many common experiences throughout their professional careers.

Panelists at the Courageous Minds Only discussion 1871

Left to Right: Stephanie Miller, Jason Hauer, Garry Cooper, Jorie Sax, Rainer Struck

Check out the following clips from the discussion for six of our favorite takeaways from these courageous innovators!


  1. Jorie is constantly reinventing herself. When you get used to it, it happens automatically.


2. If you want to drive change, you need your team to trust you. Rainer is always changing his perspective to make sure his initiatives are meeting people in the middle.


3. Garry is 100% committed to the things he believes in. If you don’t believe in what your team can accomplish, why should your team believe in you?


4. Jorie took a bet on herself and ended up with the best job of her career. Trust your gut!


5. Find windows of opportunity, then go for it. The practice has helped Rainer many times over.


6. Do something you’re deeply passionate about, and set up expectations for accomplishing your goals.


Watch the full discussion over on our YouTube page.

Commitment to action:

We encourage you to internalize what you watched. Share it with your team and choose one insight to put into action. These disciplines will improve the way you work, change how you work with others within your team, and ultimately help your organization. 

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