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Peace of Mind

From our Digital Ethnography Study findings, we learned that consumers are looking, and will continue to look, for products to deliver a more robust peace of mind, whether it’s through the everyday products they use (i.e., help me make my world more sanitized without having to do anything extra), or through having everyday products ready to go in the event of another crisis (e.g., shelf stable foods, toilet paper products).

App that helps you detect germs on surfaces. Could light up different color if detecting certain viruses or questionable germs so users can know what to clean and what they do not have to clean. This would give peace of mind…-Erica, 43 (Digital Ethnography Participant)

One of the biggest fears, if not the largest, is contracting COVID-19 so in order to reduce that possibility, consumers are looking for ways to limit their exposure as much as possible for that “peace of mind.” Via Social Media Ethnography and Desk Research we learned a few ways that consumers were limiting their exposure to others:

At Home Shopping

Buying in Bulk

Contactless Technology

Wearing a face-covering/mask

In addition to finding ways to limit exposure, many studies and industry experts say that consumers will be looking for ways to save and limit their spending, in order to have peace of mind from a financial perspective. With the uncertainty of the economy looming, consumers will most likely become more price-sensitive than they have been the last several years

Our team has been on the hunt (and will continue to be) for ways in which we’ve seen companies and industries already start to think and act on this Opportunity Area. See below for our a few of our favorite articles and trends:

  1. Protection
    1. JetBlue Will Require Protection to Fly
    2. Marriott & Airbnb Rollout New Cleaning Initiatives
    3. Self Sanitizing Door Handle
  2. Contactless Technology
    1. Coronavirus Crisis: The Future of Cash, Checks, Credit Cards & Crypto
    2. Contactless Tech From Etihad Airways
    3. Zero Contact Everything
  3. Financial Relief
    1. Ford Built to Lend a Hand Program Offers Six Months Payment Relief

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