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Distributed, On-demand Ideation Solutions

We believe the best ideas are born when the right people, focused on the right set of objectives, with the right skills, knowledge and inspiration work together. The problem with current approaches is that they tend to rely on once-a-year in person meetings that limit ideation to an annual event (even though needs are forever evolving) and limited attendance (since travel budgets and logistical constraints keep many from traveling for or attending multi-day in person meetings).

The Garage Group’s Distributed On-Demand Ideation Solutions are custom designed to enable insight collection and ideation creation to happen anywhere, and all the time.

We’ll work with the team to assign insight collection “missions” and idea creation challenges focused on customer relevant business challenges. Your idea generation community can be managed internally, or by us. We use a toolbox of world-class software platforms, training, activity design, community management and overall process guidance and facilitation to ensure that ideas are relevant, actionable and plentiful to deliver against ongoing volume goals.

Other Core Ideation Solutions Include:

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