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Entrepreneurial Lessons Learned From Mark Burnett

Unpolished, a community group of Cincinnati entrepreneurs hosted Mark Burnett this week. Check out the video above to hear Mark share lessons learned on his entrepreneurial journey. Here’s a quick recap on the top 10 quotes that inspired us:

1. “You only have to have things 30% figured out to start.”
2. “You’ll run into objections, get over no quickly and move on.”
3. “Get a few quick wins; drives commitment from others.”
4. “For energy, be disciplined about working out; get up early and train hard.”
5. “Only work on projects you absolutely love.”
6. “Be kind, treat others like you’d like to be treated.”
7. “Don’t worry about failure. If you want to do something, go for it. Don’t regret not trying later.”
8. “Naïveté is an entrepreneur’s best friend.”
9. “Involve yourself with the right people.”
10. “Start every day with prayer.”

Check out Unpolished to see how you can get involved in the rapidly growing entrepreneurial community in Cincinnati.

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