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Expansion of Coffee Forms, Kosher Certification, and Snackification: Expo West Day 2

Here are our updates from Day 2 at Expo West!  And in case you missed it, check out our updates from Day 1.


Tim Cofer (Mondelez), Brigette Wolf (Modelez Snack Futures), Janet the Planet (Farenheit 212), Rohan Oza (Shark Tank) and Laura Schulman (Food Future Strategies) discussed the growing demand for healthier snacking options. Consumers feel a tension around snacking: they want the convenience and form of smaller, on-the-go portions and also want to feel better about themselves and what they are eating. The panel emphasized the opportunity that brands have to tap into this tension.

One piece of advice from Brigette Wolf of Mondelez’s Snack Futures: “anytime there’s a consumer need, if I could take a wand and “snackify it.”

This panel also discussed how Snack Futures is addressing this consumer tension. Test and Learn, transactional learning, startup mindset and building an ecosystem to support innovation (legal, farmers, nutrition, science, influencers and more).

Kosher certified

According to OK Kosher, “The kosher market is the fastest growing segment of the food industry—valued at $13 billion and expanding by more than 10 percent each year.” Many, many brands are featuring Kosher certification, which connotes food safety in consumers’ minds. This is one of many upticks in claims about safety and sourcing that we’ll be featuring in our Expo West summary report.

Coffee Form Expansion

Bar, single serve pour over, and single serve steep are a few of the alternative ways to get coffee on-the-go. Convenience and portability are a couple of the consumer needs driving form exploration for brands. Pocket Latte coffee bars caught our eye as new entrants to the coffee bar format.

Better Bites Bakery

How many ways can we describe how yummy these are?! Apart from the taste, the story behind the brand is compelling. In response to her young son’s life-threatening food allergies, mom Leah Lopez sought out to create delicious treats he – and their entire family could enjoy together. Better Bites offers bite-size cupcakes, brownies, and cookie dough balls that are delectable and free of the top 8 food allergens.

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