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Fast Food Follow Up: More Entrepreneurship From Burger King

Today on Tumblr, Burger King released an “open letter” to a handful of burger-making competitors extending the same offer they made to McDs last week, which was coldly declined by McD’s CEO.

In tribute, we’re adding a 4th point to our previous post about Entrepreneurship at BK.

In our previous post, we commended BK for taking risks; for seeing opportunities and making connections; and for being “hungry” (humble + energy).

The fourth lesson that other big corporations can learn from BK’s action here is this:

Entrepreneurs pivot. When at first they don’t succeed, they quickly try the next strategy or tactic. They don’t waste time trying the same thing again and again (how many companies have tried that?); they simply go after another opportunity, make another connection and take another risk.

Well done 2.0, BK.

We can’t wait to see what happens next.

Image Credit: Burger King

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