Kimberly-Clark, Tyson, Worldpay, JPMorgan Chase, & More Share Vision for Operationalizing Startup Approaches | The Garage Group

Kimberly-Clark, Tyson, Worldpay, JPMorgan Chase, & More Share Vision for Operationalizing Startup Approaches

At the 2018 Front End of Innovation conference in Boston, we’re specifically aiming to push the convo forward around operationalizing startup approaches in Bigcos. Our vision for this track is leaders won’t just learn about single methods or theoretical approaches, but learn from and be inspired from courageous leaders setting the vision for and starting the hard journey of implementing an entirely new way of working. These leaders are setting strategy, and operationalizing these approaches across their organizations by combining both tried and true methods with emerging approaches, along with new entrepreneurial competencies, skills, and tools to tackle strategically important innovation and growth challenges.

Driving Business Model Innovation at Scale for Worldpay

Tara Newboult, VP of Product Planning & Strategy at Worldpay will share her lessons learned from when her team, in partnership with The Garage Group, took a Lean Growth Bootcamp approach to explore 6 disruptive trend spaces in 12 weeks, and simultaneously built the capability and culture to repeatedly search for new business models on-demand. Condensing a typical 18-month process down to 12 challenging weeks led to breakthrough results, and boundary-pushing capability development. In partnership with Keri Stephens, VP of Lean Innovation, Tara will share the intense training & real-time application approach they took, enablers and principles that led to their success, results to date, and lessons they plan to apply to future Lean Growth capability development efforts.

Tackling Tough, Strategic Growth Challenges for Kimberly-Clark

Sara Stabelfeldt, Innovation Strategy Leader at Kimberly-Clark will share how teams throughout her organization have been, in partnership with The Garage Group, taking a Lean Innovation approach to fast-track strategic development for various team initiatives. Along with Erin Faulk, Innovation & Growth Strategist at The Garage Group, Sara will explain how the full adoption of an entrepreneurial mindset enables the teams to condense typical 12-18 month processes down to 5-10 days using the structure of a Strategy Sprint. Erin and Sara will share the overall approach they took, key enablers that led to their success, and lessons they plan to apply to future Lean Innovation Workstreams.

Corporate Transformation Efforts to Enable Sustainable Business Model Innovation for CSAA Insurance Group, CME Group, JPMorgan Chase & Santander Bank 

The following leaders will share lessons learned on strategies and tactics they’ve personally used to allow their organizations to search for sustainable, and bold new ways to add value in the face of increasing market uncertainty:

Minimum Viable Prototyping to Invent New Business Models at AARP, Tyson Foods, TripAdvisor, Worldpay, & Verizon

These corporate innovation leaders, experts, and Bigco entrepreneurs will share examples of MVP approaches they’ve leveraged to either transform existing business models or invent new business models, setting the practical vision for how this could come to life in other organizations:  

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