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First-Ever #NewCoCincy A Huge Success!

Last week, over 800 people and 85 companies participated in Cincinnati’s first-ever NewCo event. After a wildly successful All-Star Game, it was yet another great showing for Cincinnati this summer and The Garage Group was proud to participate!

NewCo was started by John Battelle (founding editor at Wired magazine and former CEO) and Brian Monahan (Marketing VP at Walmart) with the goal of driving quality conversations between companies and professionals. NewCo achieves this by allowing attendees to create a schedule of companies they’ll visit that match their personal and professional interests.

To date, Cincinnati is one of only 12 cities worldwide to host the event, and we’ve already beat out Austin in terms of attendance. In addition, Battelle told the Cincinnati Business Courier that “things came together in Cincinnati in a way that he doesn’t typically see in a first-time event” and that he’d like to use Cincinnati as a model for other cities hosting NewCo.

The Garage Group was proud to be a participating NewCo, and hosted over 40 people in our Longworth space downtown. We discussed the differences between startups and big companies in how they approach innovation as well as the untapped opportunities for big companies to innovate and grow more like startups. Several of our team members also checked out other NewCos, and walked away feeling inspired and excited to engage with the new connections made throughout the day.

All signs point to NewCo being an annual event, and we’re already looking forward to continuing the success next year!

Reference + more info on #NewCoCincy 2015, check out Andy Browfield’s Cincinnati Business Courier article, Take that Austin, Cincinnati blows the doors off with huge attendance at NewCo event

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