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Food for Thought, February Edition

We love our collaborative culture here at The Garage Group; we’re constantly swapping interesting articles, events and other snippets from around the Internet that are relevant to our mission and vision as a company. This practice is just one way that we keep each other inspired while living out our belief that external perspective is extremely important for thinking differently and generating breakthrough ideas. From the insightful to the entertaining, here are some of the links that have been flying around our office lately via Slack and email.

People First: The Primacy of People in the Digital Age from Accenture
Accenture’s annual rundown of technology trends that will impact companies within the next 3-5 years. A great read to help businesses stay ahead of the curve.

Nordstrom, Brooks Brothers and Levi’s Partner with Intel on In-Store Technologies from Observer
Could Intel be poised to finally shake up the stagnant retail industry? According to Rachel Mushahwar, global director of Intel’s retail enabling team, “Retail is going to change more in the next five years than it has in the past 50.”

5 Things Women Leaders Should Stop Doing. TODAY. from Be Leaderly
We like to keep each other accountable and enable growth within our team whenever possible. This article became the catalyst for a great discussion about how to re-frame the things we do (often unconsciously) that hold ourselves back in leadership roles, especially as women.

The “Genius” Idea Steve Jobs Stole from Hotels from Heleo
Did you know that Apple sent its employees to a hotel industry training program at the Ritz Carlton to shape its initial retail strategy? Exploring this analog helped Apple become the most profitable (by square foot) retail environment on the planet.

10 Wellness Trends to Watch in 2016 from Mind Body Green
These lists should always be taken with a grain of salt, of course, but this one helped get our ideas flowing for some of the creative challenges within the CPG and Food & Bev industries.

Walmart to Create Hundreds of Fresh Food Manager Roles from Yahoo! Finance UK
To revive sales, Walmart is choosing to improve its fresh food offerings. We’ll be keeping an eye on how this move affects their standing in the retail space.

Watch What Happens When You Ask Non-Creative Professionals to Work for Free from Photography Bay
A hilarious (and accurate) take on what creative proposal work can be like.

“From Running Lean to Scaling Lean” Talk in Cincinnati from Picatic
Ash Maurya, author of Running Lean and the creator of Lean Canvas will be speaking in The Queen City Thursday, March 24th, at 6:00 pm EST at Union Hall. Come learn from one of the best about how to define, measure and achieve traction for any business (we’ll be there, too!).

Pumpkin Blueberry Pancakes Recipe from Dr. Axe, Food is Medicine
This is unrelated to innovation, strategy or industry news, but Jason made the team some amazing pancakes a few weeks ago and shared the recipe with us. It’s only right to pay it forward. You’re welcome. (PS, they’re gluten-free!)

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