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Gratitude in the Face of Uncertainty

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at The Garage Group!

We’re grateful for a lot this year, including the challenges that 2020 brought and continues to bring. We value them because they forced us, as individuals and one TGG team, to operate with courage, tackle uncertainty head-on, and thoughtfully connect with others. As a result, we learned lifelong lessons, developed meaningful relationships, and ultimately grew in unexpected, yet exciting ways.

To highlight and thank everyone and everything that contributed to making this year so transformative, we put together a digital scrapbook. It holds what our team is grateful for — from our BigCo clients & agency partners to the digital tools that helped us adapt to an entirely new way of working.

We’re excited to build on our progress and continue making the world a more courageous, empathetic place in 2021.

Flip through our scrapbook >>>

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